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Buddy Holly
"The DAY the Music DIED" was BORN
I'm convinced I did this on purpose subconsciously...

I have never let an unfinished piece sit for so long on my drawing board. I had plenty of excuses like taxes and preparation for the Northeast Juried Show and the issues with my photographed images. But still, I can't recall a piece sitting taped to my drawing board where I never touched it for weeks, like I did with Buddy Holly.

I could see February approaching, when I made my last assessment of Buddy's predicament. It was then I realized, I was going to finish it on February 3rd. It wanted to be finished on that date. I had just started it too early...

This piece pleases me if for no other reason than it's authenticty. But it's not authentic in it's attention to "historic" detail. That's not Buddy's signature sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar. Nor a jacket and a tie he wore in 1959 on that fateful night.

It is however an authentic "son" of Lubbock, Texas who model said tie, jacket and guitar. Born in the same town as Buddy. As real as it gets!

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Thanks, Doc!

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