April 26th, 2015

coffee & pencils

26 APRIL 2015

I NEED TO CROP THIS IMAGE If I can just zoom in a little more. Maybe not that close. Yes, these will be perfect for the last line of my blog. The line about a bass player's hand or something like that. The actual line alludes me now as I realize I'm doing this on my couch. Not that I haven't done blogs or Photoshop on my couch but it appears I'm doing this with more than my laptop as the creative device. That's my large screen desktop monitor from the upstairs studio. It appears to be in a very precarious position. Careful.

Am I dreaming this? Or is one of those very vivid, very detailed recent memories I seem to have lately. I feel like I'm napping. Yes, maybe part of this is a dream. I need to peel back what's happening very carefully. Not to undo anything.

I look at my watch. It's right where I left it. On my left arm, and like my right arm it's laying across my chest with hands folded, prayer-like. I see there's 15 minutes left until this nap with be at the top of the hour. Feeling no concern over what just happened, I resume sleeping to wake exactly at 3pm.


CANCER, I applaud you and your amazing ability to amass such a fantastic collection of pharmaceuticals with their varied quirks and side-effects to to fight you and your side-effects.

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