slatts (slatts) wrote,

- - the second day of 2009

a PLACE for
everything and EVERYTHING
in it's place...

By definition, an artist should never follow that adage.

From CHAOS comes CREATIVITY, correct?

I am a notorious tornado in my creative workspace --at home and at work. But my sanity is maintained by adhering to the adage that puts things back in order. That is, when I'm done with a project or an assignment. I may never find "that x-acto" while in the midst of a collage but when I begin a new one, I'll know exactly where it lives.

Over this long weekend, I have been pecking away at the process of creating a "place for everything" in my studio. My studio has been nothing more than a "junk room" since August of last year. You've all seen the "masterpiece" the Spare Room / OFFICE became. And you read of my farewell to the GIANT bookshelf. All this has helped make room and yet, at the same time cast many books and such into "homelessness."

Yes, all this will take time to sort out. But soon, I will have a studio again.

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