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24 MARCH 2014

I kissed my wife goodbye at the train station on Thursday (Sounds like an opening to a novel set in the Fifties). But there I was on my way to Boston for a long weekend on the train! Not something I do ever!

I met my son, Brennon, at the station at PORTER. After dropping off my luggage at his apartment, getting the tour, we headed off for a GREAT cheeseburger at Boston Burgers. Then it was on the subway (I miss public transportation with its convenience, mini-concerts and people-watching) to Downtown Boston. We rendezvoused at a bar, I believe was called The Intermission, to meet up with the party that was going to the Patton Oswalt show.

The Patton Oswalt show was AWESOME! Tears of laughter were pouring down my face throughout the whole performance!

Then it was off for a nightcap at Shay's Tavern. I had met two of my son's good friends this evening, David and Lauren. At Shay's, I got a chance to "talk shop" about being a musician, playing in and the dynamics of a band, etc., with Lauren. It was a great night.

On Friday, Brennon and I just hung out, caught up and just father-son stuff. That evening, we met his roommate, Rob, (after he got out of work) at a restaurant for drinks and dinner.

On Saturday, Brennon walked me through some cool website stuff that I'd like to have incorporated in to my site. We later met Rob's parents, Bob and Lori-anne, at this cool Irish pub (that had some GREAT live music happening there—all "in the afternoon!" Yes! I had just seen two "bands" and I looked at my watch after the second one packed up to see that it was only 8:30).

Anyhow, it was a great visit with good food, good drink and good conversation with Rob and his parents. GOOD PEOPLE!

Yesterday, it was time to go home.

I had such a great time in Boston. One filled many memories and new friendships. There was that sadness that comes something "being done" but it's also good to be home.

Here's to a wonderful weekend and thanks to all who made it so!
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