slatts (slatts) wrote,

26 MARCH 2015

SO, HERE I AM My last watercolor class with Astrid Sheckels took place on Tuesday. It was a great class taught by a talented illustrator with all those 'extra skills' important to being a very good teacher as well. It was a beginning class and it was taught in a very traditional way, in that we worked all eight sessions with only six colors—two reds, two blues and two yellows. The focus was on color mixing while learning the nuances of watercolor as a medium. The class worked a number of assigned paintings. The last one was our choice.

I had been looking forward to bringing this medium closer to home on a piece that would be in my style. Something where I could see how it would translate into what I've come to label my art as a caricature-portrait. What better choice than the artist's proverbial "model who's always there—The Self-Portrait."

Here's where I left off when class time ran out on Tuesday. Let's hope I can get back into a schedule that I had become accustom to over these last eight weeks and get down and get to work on getting this finished so that it doesn't become the artist's proverbial "unfinished masterpiece."

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Tags: portrait-caricatures, self-portraits, water colors

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